Teaching Large Class Sizes – How to get students communicating.

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I recently had the opportunity to travel to China to lead some teacher training sessions and seminars as a representative of ATC.

O2012219193520ver 3 weeks, I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic group of teachers from several different middle schools in Zibo, North China.… continue...

Peer Observations: Step out of your Comfort Zone

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Peer observations seem to be both under-valued and unwelcomed.  Are we as teachers simply protecting our oversized egos from being judged in our own classrooms?

Andy Hockley, in this British Council webinar ‘Peer Observation: How can we make it work?’ discusses some of the obstacles teachers face.… continue...

Student Feedback - Encourage your Students to Review your Performance!

student feedbackStudent Feedback?

You’re all used to top-down feedback, usually in the form of official observations and although it can be quite daunting, it’s part of your role as a teacher and if you’re honest with yourself, it’s constructive, developmental and helps you reflect and improve on your teaching techniques and methods!… continue...