British Council ‘Featured Blog of the Month’ Winner!

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British Council BadgeWe are delighted to have won the British Council’s Teaching English award ‘Featured Blog of the Month’ for the third time in March 2017 with our post ‘Fun with Phrasal Verbs’

Phrasal Verbs are one of the trickiest parts of the language and can become tiring for students who continue to struggle with their various uses so hopefully these fun games/activities will help liven up your classroom. continue...

Teaching Large Class Sizes – How to get students communicating.

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I recently had the opportunity to travel to China to lead some teacher training sessions and seminars as a representative of ATC.

O2012219193520ver 3 weeks, I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic group of teachers from several different middle schools in Zibo, North China.… continue...

Critical Thinking – Making the most of your coursebook

Critical ThinkingI joined in yesterday in the Macmillan Education online conference and Ed Newbon’s webinar in particular on Critical Thinking Skills really got me, well…thinking.
He argued that our role as teachers is changing, that nowadays it is not enough for students to only speak English, they need to have transferable skills for work, studies etc.… continue...

Tools for an ELT Coach!

Last year, we noticed that a number of our long-term students were going through a ‘mid-course crisis’ and one by one seemed to be having a ‘I’m not learning anything’ meltdown and although students attempted to comfort their teachers by explaining to them that, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, we knew it was our responsibility to knock this infamous learning plateau on the head once and for all. … continue...