The Improvised Bits


(by Joanne Mitten)
A couple of weeks ago I attended a talk at IATEFL Manchester by Adrian Underhill: Jazz and the Dark Matter of Teaching. And over the course of 45 minutes, his theory about improvisation in the classroom shed some light on an experience I’d had a few weeks before the conference.… continue...

'Make' and 'Do' - 5 Fun Activities

Do your best_84325501
‘Sorry, I didn’t make my homework’
Teacher: You didn’t what?
Student: ‘I didn’t make my homework last night’
Teacher: ‘You didn’t make your homework?’
Student: ‘No, I was busy making the housework and then I had to do arrangements for the party.’
Ok, so I might have exaggerated a little here (or have I?). … continue...

ELT Technology – 5 Online Tools for your Classroom!

ELT TechnologyELT Technology ….you know you love it!

You arrive home in the evening, you stretch out on the couch and pick up your tablet to check your emails (maybe something your life depends upon has arrived in your inbox in the last ten minutes while you were driving), then you check your Facebook app….… continue...