A1 Lessons

 Irish Students Can’t Cook!

Student cook_175685774Lesson – Irish Students Can’t Cook

In this Irish themed lesson, students practice their reading and speaking skills in this light-hearted text focusing on ‘can’ for ability. Students then answer questions in pairs based on the text and afterwards, work in small groups to match questions and answers.  Later, students write their own sentences using ‘can’ and together, write relevant questions to match their sentences.

Teachers’ Notes – Irish Students Can’t Cook

 A2 Lessons

UFC Fighter – Conor McGregor

UFC Fighter PortraitsLesson- Irish UFC Fighter – Conor McGregor

In this lesson, students are introduced to Irish UFC chamption, Conor McGregor.  Students use vocabulary to describe Conor’s appearance and personality before practicing the use of adverbs of frequency in a true/false quiz. Students then read a short article on Conor and write questions based on the text to ask their classmates.

Teachers’ Notes – Teachers’ Notes – Conor McGregor

B1 Lessons

St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrock_189910013Lesson – St Patrick’s Day

In this lesson, students are introduced to St. Patrick’s Day through a paired reading activity on A) The History of St Patrick and B) St Patrick’s Day in Dublin.  Students paraphrase the text for their partner and also have to explain the underlined lexical chunks.  Students then discuss true/false statements about St Patrick’s Day before watching a video clip and working with their partner to check if their statements are true/false.  A highly-interactive and communicative lesson.

Teachers’ Notes – St Patrick’s Day



Lesson – Guinness

In this lesson students learn more about Ireland’s famous beer – Guinness. Students will watch some famous Guinness adverts and learn more about the Guinness Book of Records. This lesson gives students the opportunity to work on reading, writing and speaking skills whilst focusing on accuracy when using comparatives and superlatives.

Teachers Notes – Guinness

 Eurovision Song Contest

 Lesson – Jedward2 123795466Eurovision Song Contest

In this lesson, students are introduced to one of Ireland’s most recent and well-known Eurovision entries and in groups, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the contest.  Students are introduced to useful phrases for ‘giving your opinion’ and practice using them in a class debate.  Focus on this lesson is on spoken interaction, reading and listening skills. Watch the YouTube clip of Jedward’s performance here

Teachers’ Notes – Eurovision Song Contest

 Children of Lir 

Cartoon Swans 65668921

Lesson – Children of Lir

In this Irish themed lesson, students learn about one of Ireland’s most well-known legends while practicing verb transformations and meeting some widely-used phrasal verbs in context.  Focus in this lesson is on skim/scan reading and on a collaborative writing task where students work in pairs to create/write a letter in the past simple.

Teachers’ Notes – Children of Lir


 Irish Writers (Oscar Wilde & James Joyce)

James Joyce 110102948Lesson – Irish Writers

Students first have a group discussion on their own favourite writers and the genre they like to read.  Students are then introduced to two of Ireland’s most famous writers, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce through an Information Gap activity, where they will also meet some useful vocabulary to practice later.

Teachers’ Notes – Irish Writers

B2 Lessons 

What Music are you into?

The Coronas 2Lesson – Modern Irish Music

In this B2 lesson, students are introduced to modern Irish bands, The Coronas and O.R.B (Original Rude Boys). Focus is on commonly used collocations in the context of two short articles on these bands.  Students then watch a music video without sound to predict and discuss the storyline with their partners, before listening to the song and analysing the lyrics.

Teachers’ Notes – Modern Irish Music

P.S I Love You

Gerry and HollyLesson – P.S I Love You

In this B2 lesson, students are introduced to new lexis to describe movies. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to discuss movies using this new vocabulary and will have practiced their listening and reading skills through watching a YouTube clip and reading a letter. In groups, students will then write a plot for a rom-com!

Teachers’ Notes – P.S I Love You

Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism_214370329Lesson – Green Holidays

This lesson introduces students to the topic of Eco Tourism as they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in their own countries before going on to predict and discuss Eco Tourism Guidelines.  Students then read about ‘Eco Tourism in Ireland’ and piece together a text jigsaw focusing on lexical items on topic. Groups work together on a webquest based on eco holiday destinations in Ireland, presenting their findings to their classmates, convincing the class to choose their eco-trip.

Teachers’ Notes – Green Holidays


 C1 Lessons 

Fancy a Game?

Lesson – Hurling_174444788 Irish Sports (Hurling)

This lesson introduces students to one of the main Irish GAA sports, Hurling!  Students focus on new lexical items which they will meet while reading an article on Ireland’s increased level of emigration and how an players are joining GAA clubs in countries such as Australia and New Zealand and building communities through their sports network. A communicative and interactive lesson including two YouTube clips.

Teachers’ Notes – Irish Sports (Hurling)



What other Irish themed lessons would you like to see here? Let us know and we’ll get working on them!