IATEFL 2017 - Gavin Dudeney's 'The Teacher Toolbox'

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IATEFL 2017Despite feeling quite overwhelmed just looking at the agenda, torn at the number of parallel sessions and the thoughts of the workshops and talks i’m going to miss at IATEFL Glasgow 2017…  (and hoping they will be recorded so I can catch them later), I did come across this IATEFL interview of Gavin Dudeney as he outlines the aim of this upcoming workshop here called ‘The Teacher Toolbox’ which I don’t think I can afford to miss.

Gavin’s workshop takes place this Thursday and he looks forward to exploring options which move away from common online ‘tools‘ we all use such as Powerpoint, Google docs and Microsoft office.

A couple of years ago,  I wrote a blog post entitled ELT Technology – 5 Online Tools and i’m now beginning to wonder ‘Did I too fall victim to the shiny lure of online tools’? SO i’m intrigued by this workshop and what delegates like me will come away with.

Gavin will discuss how teacher training has changed over the years towards literacies and approaches as opposed to just using tools for the sake of it and why we’re so obsessed with them.  He also explains that there is a danger that people get fixated on a tool and don’t work out what the tool is doing.  ‘Wordle‘ is a classic example, he says. ‘What does Wordle have that makes it interesting?’…..(but It does look pretty….)

Are we all guilty of this?  Do you come across a snazzy new tool online and somehow become transfixed by the fun you could have with this in class?  Your students would love it….BUT ….do you think about WHY your using it?

Gavin will ask questions such as ‘what would make technology less daunting and more attractive?’ and ‘How does technology help the process of writing?  ‘How do tools add different layers of interaction and feedback?’ We need to start thinking about the process and product being more important than the tool being used.

If you happen to go to this workshop, let me know your thoughts…. 




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