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A2 Lesson – The Answer (Short Film)

shavingLesson – The Answer.

In this lesson, students will meet words/phrases for describing appearance while introducing them to ‘will’ for future predictions.   In this communicative lesson, students will work in pairs/groups to discuss the short animation, answering questions and then reading a review of the book ‘The Secret, which the short film is based on.  As a post task, students will set their own future goals using ‘will’

The Answer – Teachers’ Notes

B2 Lesson – Stress Management

stress 3_195546320Lesson – Stress Management

In this lesson, students discuss ways of managing stress and then work in groups to rank stress management techniques in order of importance.  Students then read and summarize a technique for their partners and deduce meaning of unknown vocabulary together to recycle later in a follow up paired writing task.

Teachers Notes – Stress Management


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  1. srabani ganguly

    Its very useful for teaching…want to get lesson plan idea…

  2. Great ideas!!Thank you for sharing them !!!

  3. Great ideas!!!Thank you for sharing them!!!

    • Thanks Tota, check out our other lessons too!! We try to include a strong communicative aim in each lesson and lots of pair/group work. Hope you find them useful.

  4. really well-planned and useful. motivating and attractive. students will get engaged

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