Christmas Webquest – John Lewis v Sainsbury’s

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reindeer_114326752The yearly battle has commenced again between John Lewis and Sainsbury’s for the best Christmas advert. With the following set of activities, introduce your students to the battle and utilize their critical thinking techniques. Your students get to analyse the famous adverts in a Christmas webquest and predict who will win this year’s coveted Christmas advert crown .

The Lesson

Christmas Webquest

In class, complete this lesson plan. Full teacher’s notes are here. This lesson is suitable for A2+/B1 students and introduces them to last year’s (2014) John Lewis Christmas advert.

Ask students for homework or in class to do a webquest. Ask students to google ‘Sainsbury’s v John Lewis’.

From this search they will find the new adverts for this year, polls and articles from various newspapers and online social media sites. Ask students to:

  1. Watch the adverts, summarize and give their opinion on them.
  2. Research public opinion on the adverts from different sources. (Challenging for lower levels but they can still access simple information such as viewing figures and opinion polls. Higher level classes can be expected to give more detailed descriptions)
  3. Predict which advert will win this year based on their own opinion, their classmates opinion and their own research.
  4. Feedback their findings to the class.


Students share their information in class, come to a conclusion with all the data they have collected and create a class prediction. Come back to this lesson before the Christmas break to see who won the battle and if their prediction was correct.

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