Dyslexia in the ESL Classroom

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DyslexiaI have noticed a number of students in my class lately who have been diagnosed with dyslexia but I haven’t really known how to help them. I knew that these students might need a bit more time to complete a reading or writing task and that they would probably have problems with spelling but that was about it.… continue...

Teaching Large Class Sizes – How to get students communicating.

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I recently had the opportunity to travel to China to lead some teacher training sessions and seminars as a representative of ATC.

O2012219193520ver 3 weeks, I was lucky enough to work with a fantastic group of teachers from several different middle schools in Zibo, North China.… continue...

Adapting and Supplementing your Coursebook.

creative-peopleDoes this situation sound familiar to you?

You work in a language school where there is a syllabus designed around a coursebook. You feel a certain pressure from management, parents or students themselves to ‘get through’ the whole thing– course books are expensive after all.… continue...

4 Ways to Use Literature in Class.

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There is no question that literature can be daunting for language learners. Many of my students experience of learning English was translating entire books word-for-word into their own language at high school – I remember one student who spent 4 years translating ‘1984’ in English lessons.… continue...

Critical Thinking – Making the most of your coursebook

Critical ThinkingI joined in yesterday in the Macmillan Education online conference and Ed Newbon’s webinar in particular on Critical Thinking Skills really got me, well…thinking.
He argued that our role as teachers is changing, that nowadays it is not enough for students to only speak English, they need to have transferable skills for work, studies etc.… continue...

The Dog Ate My Homework- A guide to ESL study skills.

esl study skills

Most of the students I have in class are fairly organised, they file worksheets away and write down new vocabulary in their notebook. I have the occasional organisational machine who has their phrasal verbs listed alphabetically on note-cards and is hoarding folder dividers for fear of an upcoming apocalypse.… continue...