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A2 Lesson – The Answer (Short Film)

shavingLesson – The Answer.

In this lesson, students will meet words/phrases for describing appearance while introducing them to ‘will’ for future predictions.   In this communicative lesson, students will work in pairs/groups to discuss the short animation, answering questions and then reading a review of the book ‘The Secret, which the short film is based on. … continue...

The Improvised Bits


(by Joanne Mitten)
A couple of weeks ago I attended a talk at IATEFL Manchester by Adrian Underhill: Jazz and the Dark Matter of Teaching. And over the course of 45 minutes, his theory about improvisation in the classroom shed some light on an experience I’d had a few weeks before the conference.… continue...

Film yourself Teaching! A Self-Reflective Task...

filming By Andrea Goldman

When I was younger and thinner, I worked for an organization that required teachers to film their classes once every three months. In my wisdom as an older, fatter person, I thought it would be wonderful to encourage the teachers around me to film themselves teaching, to see what their classes really look like.… continue...

'Make' and 'Do' - 5 Fun Activities

Do your best_84325501
‘Sorry, I didn’t make my homework’
Teacher: You didn’t what?
Student: ‘I didn’t make my homework last night’
Teacher: ‘You didn’t make your homework?’
Student: ‘No, I was busy making the housework and then I had to do arrangements for the party.’
Ok, so I might have exaggerated a little here (or have I?). … continue...

Peer Observations: Step out of your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone_223856497
Peer observations seem to be both under-valued and unwelcomed.  Are we as teachers simply protecting our oversized egos from being judged in our own classrooms?

Andy Hockley, in this British Council webinar ‘Peer Observation: How can we make it work?’ discusses some of the obstacles teachers face.… continue...

Student Assessment: Long Live the Gap Fill?

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student assessment


Is summative testing a thing of the past?  Although standardized tests have their place in official high-stakes exams, do they have a deserved place in today’s classrooms?

Marking tests based on the language system (grammar and vocabulary), teachers can be confident that an answer is either right or wrong …but it’s not that straight-forward when assessing language skills and usage, is it?… continue...

Student Feedback - Encourage your Students to Review your Performance!

student feedbackStudent Feedback?

You’re all used to top-down feedback, usually in the form of official observations and although it can be quite daunting, it’s part of your role as a teacher and if you’re honest with yourself, it’s constructive, developmental and helps you reflect and improve on your teaching techniques and methods!… continue...

ELT Technology – 5 Online Tools for your Classroom!

ELT TechnologyELT Technology ….you know you love it!

You arrive home in the evening, you stretch out on the couch and pick up your tablet to check your emails (maybe something your life depends upon has arrived in your inbox in the last ten minutes while you were driving), then you check your Facebook app….… continue...

Tools for an ELT Coach!

Last year, we noticed that a number of our long-term students were going through a ‘mid-course crisis’ and one by one seemed to be having a ‘I’m not learning anything’ meltdown and although students attempted to comfort their teachers by explaining to them that, ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, we knew it was our responsibility to knock this infamous learning plateau on the head once and for all. … continue...

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