7 Apps and Websites to Try Out in Class.

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After attending the Digital ELT Ireland conference at the weekend, I discovered several new websites to nosey around for classroom materials. This week I thought I would add to that list with my own recommendations for apps and websites that you might find useful to use with students. I’m sure you all have your favourite websites to use so please leave a comment and share your sites.


Showme is an open online learning community where you can create and share lessons. There is a free app to download which you can use to create lessons or ask students to create their own. If you don’t quite feel up to making your own lessons just yet, you can send students to the website to look at already uploaded videos. Here is a short clip which should give you a better idea of how to use Showme in class.

Film English

Film English provides you with hundreds of lesson plans all revolving around short film clips. The lessons all promote critical thinking and use films communicatively and creatively in class. You can watch the creater of the website – Kieran Donaghy – giving demonstrations on how to use his lessons in class here.

Lyrics Training

This site uses youTube videos of famous songs and turns them into listening competitions. Students see the lyrics appear on the screen with missing words, the youtube clip will freeze until the correct word is typed in. The number one clip at the moment is…surprise, surprise, Let it go.


ESL Gamesworld

ESL gamesworld has loads of interacive grammar and vocabulary games you can use in class for revision. You can project them up onto an interactive whiteboard or get the students to use their own devices and play in groups. It’s great for Elementary- Intermediate classes. There isn’t a huge amount for more advanced learners but definitley worth a look.

Scoop it

This is more for the teachers than the students. The Teaching English Scoop it basically trawls all the ESL blogs and websites for you and links you to the best bits. There is a wide mix of lesson plans and blog posts, it’s a great way to keep up-to-date with hot topics and debates and to discover some new websites.

Uiowa – phonetics

John Whipple introduced me to this website at the digital conference. It’s a very handy site for modelling to students how sounds are pronounced. If you are anything like me, pronunciation diagrams drawn on the board produce an uproar of laughter due to my lack of drawing skills. This website really helps students to see the mouth and how we create sounds clearly.

My word book 2

This is basically an interactive vocabulary notebook. Students can use already installed common word lists to review and learn or create their own vocabulary flashcards and add images, sounds, notes and translations. Useful for encouraging students to review new vocabulary on the bus or when they have a few spare minutes. This is a British Council app, they have several more available on their website. Check them out!


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